Hello Travelers,

My travel schedule has been quite busy so I have been trying my best to keep up with my blog.

This past week, I travelled with my two friends, Kendall and Bisma. We spent a fun-filled weekend in Prague to celebrate my 21st birthday. It was nice to have a three day weekend. This past Monday was the European “Labor Day”. We flew Ryanair to Prague from Charleroi airport in Brussels. Prague only has one airport and it is 25 minutes from the city which is nice. I suggest buying a the 72 hour travel pass that gives you unlimited access to the bus, tram, and metro. We mainly took the trams during our stay. They are easy to maneuver, but be sure to grab a map at the airport!

We stayed in an Airbnb about 10 minutes from the city center and it was wonderful! I never want to stay in a hostel after staying in an Airbnb. The location was great and extremely clean!! Our host was also very informative and made sure we knew everything there was to know about touring Prague. I’m sharing the link to our Airbnb with you as it served our needs perfectly and the host was great.


Prague’s currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). Don’t be afraid to live it up in Prague! The conversion rate is in your favor and everything is very inexpensive. We took advantage of the great exchange rate and enjoyed the array of restaurants by eating out every meal.

Cafe Savoy

We were quite hungry when we first arrived to the city so we decided to hit up one of the many quaint cafes in Prague called Cafe Savoy. I got the French breakfast with fresh orange juice and coffee. It was delicious!! You MUST GO! It is located just steps away from the Ujezd tram stop.


The Infant of Prague- Our Lady Victorious

The infant of Prague is located in the beautiful church of Our Lady Victorious. The infant is a wax-coated wooden statue holding a globus cruciger. There is a legend that the infant first belonged to Saint Teresa of Victoria. This is a Roman Catholic figure and is a devotional symbol of the Catholic faith which has spread throughout the world. The infant dates back to 1555. I recommend going to see the Infant of Prague plus this is a beautiful church you won’t want to miss.


The Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock is located in the main square in the city center. The astronomical dial dates back to 1410. It was made by two clock makers, Mikulas Kadan and Jan Sindel. The sun and the moon are represented on the clock and this is said to have “the walk of the apostles” because at every hour there are different moving figures of the apostles. I definitely think you should go take some pics of this beautiful clock because it is right by the town square.


Old Town Square

This is a beautiful square that is just a walk away from the Charle’s Bridge. Be sure and add this to your to-do list! All town squares in Europe are beautiful! It is a great place to listen to music, grab a bite to eat, and indulge your mind with amazing architecture. The old town hall with the astronomical clock is located here as well as St. Nicholas Church.


Charle’s Bridge

THIS IS A MUST!! Charle’s Bridge is the most beautiful historic walking bridge in

Prague that is right in the heart of the city. It was built in 1357 by the request of King Charles IV. This is a great place to get pictures of the city, explore the small stands of beautiful paintings and nicknacks, and sit on the bridge and get a picture with St. Vitus Cathedral behind you. We personally did not see or have any trouble with pick pockets, but just be aware because this is an extremely crowded tourist area.


Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are the two picturesque buildings that make the landscape of Prague so beautiful. Prague Castle and St. Vitus are a bit of a walk up some steep hills, but it is definitely worth the climb for the views you take in once you make it to the top. Prague Castle is now the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic. The castle was built in 870, but the complex was not completed until 1929!!!! That is a long construction period! Unfortunately, when you purchase tickets for the castle and the cathedral, you only get to see one small segment of the castle since it is still occupied by the president. Although, there are multiple ticket options that you can purchase that include different parts of complex. For example, we purchased circuit B which included Prague Castle, The Golden Lane, St. George’s Basilica, and one other site. The reason we didn’t purchase circuit A was because we had already gone into St. Vitus Cathedral, but I suggest purchasing circuit A so you can walk through the entire cathedral. Circuit A is 350 CZK ($14) and circuit B ticket cost 250 CZK ($10).

St. Vitus Cathedral was originally constructed as a church in 930, but was later rebuilt as a cathedral in 1344. This is a Gothic style church and it was built by King John of Bohemia. The interior was actually much different than I expected. It is an absolutely beautiful cathedral, but the interior was simpler inside than I had pictured.


The Golden Lane is now a tiny little street that you must have tickets to enter. It is lined with shops and the storefronts resemble the look of the 16th century houses that the Prague castle guards lived in. The goldsmiths lived on this street in the 17th century and that is where its’ name came from.

St. George’s Basilica is the oldest remaining building inside the Prague Castle Complex. It was beautiful and quite different from any other basilica I have ever been in. You can tell that it is an older basilica, but that is what I think makes it so unique. It was founded in 920 and it currently functions as a museum and concert hall. I definitely recommend visiting if you have time.


Cafe Louvre

Cafe Louvre was suggested to me in one of my travel books, but to be honest, my friends and I were disappointed in our experience there due to their service and our rude waiter. This was a bit disappointing because it was my birthday, but oh well, we didn’t let that spoil our fun!! This is supposed to be one of the best cafes in Prague, but I think it has become a tourist trap. It seemed like the primary focus was to move tables and to rush you in and out. I would just stick to Cafe Savoy and any of the other charming places you find on the street.


St. Nicholas Church

This beautiful Baroque church was constructed in 1704. This was a very quaint church with a stunning large crystal chandelier in the middle of it. I thought this was very interesting because I had never seen a chandelier this elaborate or of this size in a church. St. Nicholas is located right by the town square, so I definitely suggest taking a peek inside. In the back of the church is a small exhibition about the history of the church.


John Lennon Wall

This is a brightly colored wall full of graffiti that has been in existence since 1981 with the rise of “Lennonism” which a concept created for the students fighting against the communist regime of Gustav Husak. According to authorities back in the day, they considered these students to be alcoholics, sociopaths, and supporters of western capitalism.Therefore, people wrote about what they stood for or what they were feeling about the state of the country on the wall. Today, the wall still remains all bright and decorated. It is owned by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and they have continued to allow the wall to stay the way it is.


The Dancing House

“The Dancing House” was formerly known as “Fred and Ginger” due to the lady being the dancer on the left and the man being the dancer on the right. The location of this building actually sits on the land where the US bombing of Prague occurred in 1945. This is a really neat building just to look at and to snap a few pictures. It was completed in 1996 and was designed by two different architects.



THESE ARE A MUST EAT!!! Trdelnik is a type of pastry made of dough, sugar, and walnuts. Prague is known for this famous pastry. Pictures of this yummy treat have been posted all over instagram when people visit Prague. There are many unique things you can do with a trdelnik such as adding ice cream to the center, nutella, or both. You can find Trdelnik bakeries in just about any touristy area.


I hope you have enjoyed the details of my trip to Prague. Prague is a beautiful city, and is actually quite small compared to other capital cities across Europe. I highly suggest a visit and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



P.S. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” ~Neale Donald Walsch

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