Exercise more often

Get a gym membership! Some of you may have free gym facilities in your residence, but if you aren’t using it now, are you really going to use it in the future if you can’t find the motivation to go now? If you are paying for a membership or access to your residence’s gym monthly, you are more likely to continue to go because you feel you have the financial obligation to go. There are plenty of gyms to choose from at all different prices with different amenities so you have a multitude of options. Going to the gym releases endorphins, makes for a more happy person, and guess what…… it can actually be FUN!!! Many gyms also offer different types of classes such as yoga, zumba, spin, hitt, boxing, and barre. I don’t know about you, but I always feel much better after a good workout and it can be a great stress reliever. Just because you have a membership or a free gym at home doesn’t mean you have to go everyday. Make a workout schedule and start off going about three times a week then you can see how you do from that point on.

Yes, I know what you are thinking…….what happens after the first month and I’m over going to the gym? DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Set goals for yourself each month. Before you start, make one goal for each month in 2018 and tell yourself if you reach your goals you will take a weekend getaway somewhere with your significant other or buy that special something you’ve been looking at in the store for over a year. Goals are important, if you feel you need that extra push, maybe talking to a personal trainer is the way for your to get started for a month or two. Allow yourself to feel better in 2018!!

Lay off the social media

We are all guilty of posting too much on social media, but ladies and gentlemen, no one wants to know what you are doing every minute of your life!!! Use social media appropriately and post the highlights with your friends and family. No one cares about the starbucks coffee you drink everyday, what outfit you are wearing to the gym, or what meal you are eating for dinner every night. My point is for you to post meaningful content. Post birthdays, fun events, nights out with old buds, or big accomplishments you have made that you want to share with others who you may not see you on a daily basis. Yes, it’s ok to celebrate the important events that happen in your life on social media, that is what it is for, but sometimes keep your everyday life a mystery, that will make it more fun when you catch up with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while.  

Eat healthier and drink more water

I am no professional when it comes to healthy eating, but I do know that moderation is key and we can all improve in this area. Get online and look up new recipes from a reliable source and learn how to cook some healthy meals! This will make you feel better and I guarantee you will feel more energized. Pinterest is a great place to look for healthy recipes. Watch your carbs and eat more veggies!!!

Try to learn at least one new skill a month/something new

This fall I heard a woman speak from Roche Diagnostics and one of the questions she would ask her interviewees was “What is something new you have tried and/or learned how to do in the past six months?” The real question is can you answer that? Our world changes rapidly everyday and it is important to keep up with new things that are happening and current events for that matter. Each month make it a goal to try something new whether that taking up a new hobbie or learning a new skill. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but challenge yourself and have fun!!

Budget your money

I’m sure we could all improve in this area, but some of us that are coming right out of college might need some extra guidance in this area when going into the real world. Make a plan, create excel sheets, or download apps that will help you organize your accounts and allow you to budget your finances more responsibly. Also, you need to acknowledge what you are wasting your money on! Maybe instead of buying a $5 starbucks everyday, you could find an alternative way to cope with your coffee addiction instead of wasting $1,825 on your espresso each year. This is just an example, but think about what you spend on specific items on a yearly basis and this will put into perspective how much money you could be saving taking out the little things that you could avoid.

Budgeting Apps:

  • Goodbudget Budget Planner
  • Mint: Personal Finance & Money
  • Spending Tracker
  • Daily Budget Original
  • Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker

Travel more

Obviously traveling cost money, and you can try to make it as cheap or as expensive as you want depending on your accommodations, but get out and see the world!! The world is your oyster and you need to soak it up. After being abroad for five months it reiterated how incredibly important it is to appreciate other people and cultures for their differences especially in the current state of our world. Go somewhere you have never been or explore somewhere you never thought you would have had interest in traveling to. Save your money, because traveling can be one of the best educational experiences of all. Not to mention, its so much fun to do it with the people you enjoy most!! Solo traveling can also be a great way to find yourself and meet new people along your journey. Do your research and plan a trip of a lifetime in 2018!!

Meet as many new people as possible

It’s a small world we live in and I am a firm believer in the six degrees of separation. Make as many connections as you can, don’t be shy, because you never know when someone you meet could come back into your life and how they could affect it. Make connections and build relationships, the world is an incredible place and you never know where your future will take you.

Take more risks

Take chances! Take that job that is across the country that will be an amazing learning opportunity! Most of you that are reading this are millennials and let’s face it, in this day and age most of us will never work for the same company for 40 years. That isn’t the way the world works anymore! Take the new job, promotion, go to graduate school, or take a new leap in your relationships and in your faith. The most happy and successful people in this world define achievement in different ways, but sometimes the best things in life are completely unexpected and you have to take risks to find out what those amazing things are.

Grow in your faith

Whatever it is that makes you feel more connected to your faith, DO IT!! Whether that is going to church or going more often, reading, singing, whatever that is make it more of a priority in 2018. This can help with your overall sense of being and make you feel stronger and empowered when life throws unexpected thing at you.

Bring out the best in yourself in 2018

Every year I always see people post a quote that says “New Year, New Me”. That’s great and all, but I think everyone is already pretty amazing and there is no need to change. Instead of a new you, think of it in a way of you being the best version of yourself. Be yourself, there is no need to change, but use your resolutions to allow yourself to become kinder, stronger, smarter, and more appreciative of what you have this New Year. Reflect on 2017 and really think about how different your life was compared to the year before. Life changes so quickly in one year, so be the pilot of your own life and be the best version of yourself by achieving your goals!! You’ll be very thankful when it comes time to watch the ball drop in 2019 and you’ll look back on everything you have accomplished in 2018.  




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