Top: Express ~ Jeans: Jessica Simpson ~ Boots: Sorel Footwear ~ Earrings: Express ~ Belt: Tory Burch ~ Handbag: Louis Vuitton ~ Silk Scarf: Louis Vuitton ~ Bracelets: David Yurman ~ 

The holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving next week! Every year I try to do something that makes me feel like I am making a bigger impact on the community and making a difference. We should all strive to do that everyday of the year, but during the holidays it is especially important! At work, my company is thinking of doing an offsite where we volunteer and give time to an organization in Indianapolis. It made me to start thinking about things I could do this year, not only for philanthropic organizations but as well as for family and friends. Below are 10 ideas I have for you to pursue during the holidays! Please comment below and let me know your favorites and any recommendations you may have.

  • Give time to a philanthropic organization in your local community
    • Ex: The week after Thanksgiving I am volunteering for an organization in Indianapolis called “Launch Pad.” I will be going into classrooms at a local middle school downtown to discuss the growth of the tech industry, the beauty of entrepreneurship, and fulfilling some form of higher education
  • Donate to a charity of your choice
    • Ex: Every year I donate or give time to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. I suggest choosing one that you have a personal connection with and that is close to your heart!
  • Be present in your faith
    • This means not just making a commitment to go to your faith based organization, but truly being engaged during your time there
  • Write handwritten notes to your family members for Christmas cards
    • People appreciate the little things like this, it is much more meaningful than sending an item.
  • Bake goodies and share them with your neighbors and colleagues
    • Attach a positive note to get people in the holiday spirit
  • Have a small holiday gathering and invite close family and friends over
  • Orchestrate a sock/glove drive at your church, workplace, or community center
  • Contact a local school district to be a mentor or to support a child in need
  • Organize a “favorite things exchange” with 5-10 close friends or co-workers
    • Think of one of your favorite things costing between $5-$10. (Ex: Coffee mug, chapstick, ornament, cookies, lotion) You will then give each person in the group your one item on their specific buddy day. If this doesn’t make sense please message me.
  • Have a gingerbread house contest with your family 
    • See who gets the most votes at the end via some type of social media outlet! One of my best friends growing up does this every year with her family and everyone looks forward to seeing who the winner is on Facebook each year.

~Remember always be thankful and appreciate all of the loving people you are surrounded by. Life goes so fast and we let unimportant things get in the way sometimes. Take a step back and think about what truly matters in life. Always be kind because you never know what kind of battle someone else is facing. ~

Safe travels and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 🙂



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