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Happy Wednesday! Today I said goodbye to 23 and opened the door to 24. I wanted to create a list of things that I have planned to do or want to do while I am 24. I think these ideas and thoughts are very relatable for a young person and I hope they inspire you to take action. Unfortunately, I realize some of these things may not occur due to COVID-19, but I am an optimistic person and this is what I am hoping to pursue within the next year. 

On my instagram, @missscarlettalexandria, I mentioned that I would share why Main Street in New Albany holds a special place in my heart. When I was little, I loved spending time with my grandparents and they would drive me down to Main Street. I loved the architecture and learning about the history of New Albany. My grandparents also had some friends that lived on that street as well. I was the little girl who would beg my Granny to take me to the Culbertson Mansion, the Paris House, and the Scribner House. I don’t why I became so infatuated, but the historical significance was so interesting to me. I can’t tell you how many times my Granny and I went on a Culbertson Mansion Tour. Every time I’m on Main Street, it always makes me think of those memories with my grandparents taking me on tours and letting me walk down the street and admire the beautiful fancy black wrought iron fences. The house pictured above is on Main Street and I just wanted to share my memories as to why I love shooting content in the downtown area. 

Now for my plans! Some are big and some are very minor:

  1. ACHIEVE MY GOALS AT WORK. I work in business development and fundraising in the healthcare industry. I love my team and I look forward to helping develop an even stronger healthcare system as we battle COVID-19 in the community. 
  2. GROW MY BLOG. I would like to grow my following to at least 10,000 followers and plan out my content by calendar year. 
  3. TRAVEL TO A NEW COUNTRY. This is supposed to be happening in September, but my boyfriend and I are already planning to push this to 2021 due to the current situation in our world. We want to be able to fully embrace the beauty and culture of the places we are travelling and we feel that it will be more a challenge if there are still numerous restrictions. I’m going to keep the country a secret. 🙂 
  4. READ 5 BOOKS. Luckily, my cousin and her husband just sent me a book for my birthday, so that is what I will be reading first. It is called One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days. The reason this is relevant is because my cousin is one of the first few that I spoke with about revamping my blog (hint: #2 above). She was 100% on board and said go for it girl!! I appreciate her and her husband’s little surprise and I am excited to learn new tips and tricks about building my own brand. 
  5. INVEST MORE FINANCIALLY. If you do not have a financial advisor, go get one!! This was the smartest decision I ever made right after I graduated college and started my first real job. 
  6. JOIN A NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS. I had the opportunity to join another board and this is for an education foundation. I am very passionate about education and think it’s critical that we all devote ourselves to life-long learning and maintaining a growth mindset. I am excited to give back to the community, meet new people, and help support my local school system. I think being on a board is a wonderful experience to have as a young professional, it allows you to be exposed to new mentors and leaders, and the best part is you get to make an impact on a great cause!
  7. EAT HEALTHIER. I don’t eat terribly by any means, but I could do so much better. I need to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my daily routine and eliminate the processed food as much as possible. 
  8. RUN A MINI. My boyfriend and I had talked about running the Derby Mini, but we already had plans to be out of town. The mini has been rescheduled, but we plan to do our research and get one on the calendar for 2020 if it occurs. Fingers crossed!
  9. LISTEN TO A PODCAST. I would love some recommendations because I am lost on where to start. I am looking for something motivational, inspirational, and/or humorous.
  11. TRAVEL TO A NEW CITY IN THE U.S. I am thinking Savannah, GA or St. Louis, MO.
  12. BUY A NEW DRIVER. I am an avid golfer and played in college. My driver is now 9 years old and ready for retirement. This is just something that I keep putting off and now that I am playing again regularly, it’s time to make the investment. 
  13. GO PLAY A NEW GOLF COURSE. I now have a golf membership at a local club and I want to take a weekend trip and play a new course somewhere in the region. 
  14. MAKE A TIK TOK VIDEO. I don’t think I’ll make these often, but I feel I should try it at least once. 
  15. GO AXE THROWING. I got a gift card for Christmas and have yet to use it. Hopefully things will open and I could go over the summer. 
  16. MAKE A NEW FRIEND. Why not?
  17. LEARN TO COOK. This actually needs to happen. LOL. Recipe suggestions are welcome!
  18. PLAN TRIPS FOR 2021-2022. I would love to check a new continent off my list. Maybe Asia or Africa?? A girl likes to dream and plan, it’s just how I am. 
  19. TRY NEW LOCAL FITNESS STUDIOS. CycleBar and Ambition Fitness (Women only) in Louisville have both been on my list to try. Many fitness studios will allow you to have your first class free to see if you like it. 
  20. BUY A BIKE. When I lived in Indianapolis a family member and I would always ride her bikes. Now that I moved back to Southern Indiana, I would like to ride again in the evenings.
  21. STRETCHING A FEW TIMES A WEEK.This sounds random, but with how much I workout, I have found that stretching is something I need to make a higher priority and my muscles would heal more quickly. 
  22. BUY AN APPLE WATCH. I think this would be super convenient and beneficial to my life since I am on the go so much. I also want to know how many steps I get in a day and track my sleep. 
  23. VISIT MY BEST FRIENDS THAT LIVE OUT OF TOWN. Tennessee and Mississippi here I come!! 

Cheers to a 24 as solid as GOLD!



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