15 Candles

brugge franny full body pic smiling

brugge franny sideways pic in sun

brugge purse pic of franny

franny shoes sideways

brugge franny and scarlett pic laughing

|Coat: Zara|Top: Dress & Dwell|Jeans: Jessica Simpson|Boots: Express|Sunglasses: Ray Ban|Purse: Kate Spade|Silver Cuff: Tiffany & Co|Silver Ring: Tiffany & Co|

Wow, time flies!! Today, my baby sister turns 15! Happy Birthday Frannie Boo!!! I was fortunate enough to get to spend twelve days with her in Belgium and Italy and it has been my best 12 days abroad! She brings so much joy and happiness to my life and I wish I could be half as fashionable as she is. I still remember the day she was born and my grandfather picking me up from kindergarten on “letter day” (we got to dress up as our favorite blow up letter person when we learned the ABC’s) and I had to change to go to the hospital. There was nothing more exciting than getting to hold my baby sister in my arms for the first time while wearing my “I’m a big sister now” shirt (which I still have). The teen years go by fast so my advice to her and all other teens is to enjoy it and don’t wish it away. Mistakes will be made, but remember that it’s okay and to learn from them. Have confidence in all that you do and be kind to everyone because you never know what kind of battle someone else might be facing. Always remember to be yourself, do what you are passionate about, take advantage of unique opportunities that come your way, and follow your dreams. Challenge yourself and learn about what makes you happy and what defines who you are. Life is fragile and an amazing journey, so always stay true to yourself.

I love you Francesca!!! I hope your 15th birthday is everything you imagined and more!

Live every day like it’s your last,


P.S. Make a wish!


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