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It’s April 15th, also known as 415 day!! Eight months ago I moved back to the Louisville area from Indianapolis and was looking for a tough workout routine. I took classes at different fitness studios in Indy, but those two did not have franchises in Louisville. I was concerned that I would back track on the progress I had made so far and knew I would be discouraged if I did not find a new challenging gym. To be honest, just going to a regular gym never did much for me. My mind and body stayed the same and nothing changed because I was not pushing myself to the potential that I didn’t even know I had until I started Shred415.

A family friend of mine is a coach at Shred415 Highlands and she invited me to take a week of classes to see if this was something I wanted to commit to as my full time workout. The first week I was home I took my first class and was HOOKED! I think the main reason why I LOVE Shred so much and why it differentiates itself is because it was what was best for ME. It is High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) and incorporates running, full body movements, and weight training. It was all I could have wanted in a workout and it is an intense 60 minutes. I love the feeling of accomplishment that I have each time I finish a class knowing that I left all I had in that room. Not only the coaches, but the community itself pushes you to be your best self and perform to your highest potential.

I am a runner and I always found myself hitting a plateau when I would do the same cardio circuit and weight training through my school years. Shred415 has yet to make me plateau and was created to help eliminate that from happening. I have lost 10 pounds since I started my SHRED journey back in September 2019 and 15 pounds total since I graduated college in May of 2018. For those that know me, thats quite a bit for a person of my height and size. I’m not here to brag or throw out numbers, I’m here to tell you that if you find something you LOVE and it works for YOU, that you will make PROGRESS and your body will CHANGE! In fact, your mindset will change. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight, but it just happened. Sometimes it just takes us a while to find our personal niche.

Eight months later, I still love every minute that I am within those four walls. Unfortunately, the studio is closed due to COVID19, but they are offering virtual Zoom classes at lower rates and have multiple free 10-30-45 minute workouts on their IGTV. For those not familiar, IGTV is on Instagram pages. I have been watching those videos about four times a week during the shutdown. 

I’m here to say THANK YOU to the coaches and friends I have made at Shred415. I miss them all dearly. I am forever grateful for the Highlands family and am excited to tell you that another Louisville location will be opening very soon…..Shred415 Hurstbourne. For more info check out @shred415 @shred415highlands @shred415hurstbourne.

In the future, I will blog about all the different workouts I have tried and enjoyed over the past few years. There are so many options in today’s world that there is no reason you can’t find what works for YOU. I appreciate you reading all about my Shred experience and can’t recommend it enough. Here is the link to their website to see their locations nation wide. I will share more insight with you soon, but in the meantime KEEP MOVING!!
•4•15•2020 #shred415day

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