Dermaplaning at Home


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Happy Friday y’all! I’ve been excited to share my dermaplane routine with my followers for about a week now. I plan my blog content 1-2 weeks in advance so I can quickly share during the weekdays before or after work. I started getting dermaplane facials about a year ago and I absolutely love them!! Growing up, the little peach fuzz on my face always bothered me so I was thrilled when I learned about this new skin care practice. It removes dry skin and peach fuzz to give you a silky smooth glow. If you are in the Louisville or Indianapolis area, please feel to reach out to me personally and I would be happy to give you recommendations on where to go to get this service done. I have been to numerous places in both areas and was pleased with everyone I went to.

Before I go through the steps for my quick at home 15 minute dermaplane facial, I want to make one thing clear. I am by no means an esthetician or skin care professional. I do NOT recommend trying this at home if you have not had it done professionally first. It is important to know what the correct feeling is on your face. If not done properly, you could cut your face and/or irritate your skin. Here is a link to my video that demonstrates the steps below.

~ Disposable Sterilized Scalpel Blades ~ Guarded Disposable Blades ~

Step 1: Cleanse your face

  • Use a makeup wipe to remove all makeup on your face
  • Use a cleanser with an exfoliant to wash your face thoroughly
  • Use a toner with a cotton ball
  • Now you are ready to go! Do not moisturize until after you complete the dermaplane facial

Step 2: Use a scalpel or guarded blade

  • Remove your sterilized scalpel or guarded blade. If your scalpel/guarded blade did not come sterilized then you need to dip it in rubbing alcohol before use.
  • HOLD blade at 45 DEGREE ANGLE and make little strokes as you move up and down your face (pick a spot, 1 small stroke, 2 small stroke, 3 small stroke) then move to the next spot. You will continue to do this on the rest of your face. FYI, I do not do my forehead on my own at home. If you go to an esthetician, they will dermaplane your forehead as well.
  • Touch up any areas that you missed. Your skin may become red and that is perfectly normal as long as you are not having major irritation. Please monitor once complete.

Step 3: Moisturize

  • I recommend using your heaviest moisturizer for your skin to recover quickly.
  • If you plan to be out in the sun the day after you dermaplane, be sure to use at least 30 spf on your face as your skin may be more sensitive.

Yay! You have completed your dermaplane facial! I recommend watching my video to get a more detailed look of me actually using the scalpel on my face. I usually do this every six weeks. Please don’t hesitate to email me via the contact page or direct message me on Instagram.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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