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~ Billie Striped Set: DaDa Boutique ~ Red Dress Sandal: Steve Madden ~ Red Fringe Earrings: Kendra Scott ~ Extra Large Oval Link Bracelet: David Yurman ~ Pearl Cuff Bracelet: David Yurman ~ Medium Oval Link Bracelet: David Yurman ~ 

~ David Yurman Pearl Cuff Dupe: The Styled Collection ~ David Yurman Oval Link Bracelet Dupe: The Styled Collection  ~

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend celebrating your mom or whomever the motherly figure is in your life. I have had a few people reach out and ask about where I get my inspiration for my photos and where I like to shop. To be honest, I have always shopped at such a variety of places and I believe thats how I found my style and my niche of where I fit in the blogging world. I would not say that I fit into one style category, but I can definitely tell you which ones best describe my taste. Mind you, my weekday style can be quite different from my weekend style. (Haha) For reference, here are the style categories that I would use to describe my looks: Sophisticated, Casual/Casual Chic, Preppy, Sporty, Resort, Haute Couture, and Formal Business Wear.

I mentioned in my Instagram post last Friday that one of the reasons I restarted my blog is to empower women through fashion. When I say this, this is not in terms of looks, this is by empowering through CONFIDENCE. Being comfortable and confident  in yourself can make or break how you perform in your career, maintain your relationships with your family and friends, and how we view ourselves.

Growing up as a women, there are so many changes that occur in our lives. I was the tall, broad shouldered chick with flaming red hair. I wasn’t petite, size small, or felt like I had the “ideal” look growing up. Surprise!! No one has the ideal look and not all clothing lines fit true to size. I’ve worn a size 2 and a size 10 before in dresses depending on the brand. Do NOT get bogged down over a number. I found that my perception of “myself” and my confidence came out through fashion as I learned my style and what I believed was flattering on ME. It’s all about how you carry yourself and what is comfortable for YOU. If you put an outfit on and think “Dang, I am feelin’ good as hell” (Lizzo moment) you are likely going to go into your workday feeling confident to conquer whatever is on your plate that day. There have been numerous occasions where I didn’t try on an outfit before an event, or grabbed something quick off the rack and realized the outfit was too short on my legs…. Then I would spend the entire day and/or evening being uncomfortable and/or worrying about who noticed I was uncomfortable. My point is, WEAR what BRINGS out your CONFIDENCE and makes you feel like you can take on anything. We are all smart, kind, and beautiful people that deserve to feel confident in our style so that we can bring our BEST SELVES out into the world each day. Fashion is art and I am here to help women (and men as well) feel confident and positive about their style!

I have compiled multiple lists below of the current places that I shop or browse for inspiration. These brands consist of many different styles, but all sell an aspect of one of my style types that I mentioned above. You can now shop my looks on the app by searching under the influencer tab @missscarlettalexandria. Please let me know if you have any questions about how to use the app. You can screenshot my Instagram photos and a link will be emailed to you with my picture. My photo will be saved on the app for you to purchase my outfits and lifestyle goods.

Local Boutiques: (Southern Indiana/Louisville)

Other Boutiques: 

Medium/Large Retailers:

Luxury Brands: (I mainly browse the majority of these websites for inspiration, future photoshoot ideas, and to keep up with the latest trends in the high-end fashion world)

Happy shopping and don’t forget to wear what makes you feel fabulous!


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~ Coco Chanel ~



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