Happy 1st Birthday, Shipley!

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Meet Shipley! She is a full size Goldendoodle and I am going to share some Q&A about her. This is cheesy, but I thought it would be fun to switch up how I present my blog content. 😉

  1. Where did her name come from?
    • Her mom and dad started officially dating and were frequent fliers in college at a cute little hometown bar called Shipley’s Tavern. They wanted to name her after something significant to them at Hanover College (where they both attended) and that was their favorite.
  2. Date of birth?
    • May 1, 2019
  3. Current weight? 
    • 70 Pounds
  4. Favorite toy? 
    • Her shark (pictured above). She absolutely loves it!
  5. Favorite activity? 
    • Playing fetch with her shark, going on walks (code word: Yogurt because she is starting to learn what W-A-L-K means as well), wrestling with her brother, and watching TV.
  6. What fascinates her? 
    • Ice cubes coming out the fridge, bubbles, and when mom and dad throw the football in the backyard.
  7. Who are her puppy best friends? 
    • Her brother, Yadi (Frenchie) and her Biological sister, Jetta (Goldendoodle). Shipley is a lucky girl because her parent’s best friends picked out her sister the same day. They have play dates about every month.
  8. What are her dislikes? 
    • The vacuum, trash bags, the leaf blower, going up steps, climbing in/out of car, and any delivery person that comes to the door.
  9. Where does she get groomed? 
    • PetSmart
  10. Where did she receive her puppy diploma from? 
    • Flying Feet Agility in Floyds Knobs, IN. I highly recommend dog training there if you live in the area.

Cheers to you Shipley! We love you!




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