spring sprung edited looking side smile

spring sprung look forward smiling

spring sprunk converse pic

spring sprung looking side no smile

spring sprung leaning on pole pic

Spring has sprung!!! It is warming up in Belgium and we have had beautiful weather the past few days. Unfortunately, it is not as warm as it is in the Midwest, so I’ve had to change up my spring style a bit. The high here has been around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so as you can imagine it is still a little too chilly to bring out what I consider “spring clothing”. Above, I am wearing what I consider my Belgian “spring” clothes with a light cotton top, cropped jeans, and my sneakers. Let me just tell you that in Belgium you wear tennis shoes/sneakers with EVERYTHING!!!!! I don’t know if I can quite pull the look off with everything, but the Belgians know how to pull it off!! I’m still learning about their unique trends, but hopefully I can reach their level eventually. Spring break is coming up in two days and I am headed to northern and southern Europe, so I am planning to bring out quite a few new looks within the next few weeks!!!

In Europe you walk everywhere (at least most people do) and this outfit is perfect for strolling around town or sightseeing in a new city! I took a mid-term in this outfit yesterday and it was nice and comfy for my two hour essay exam which I am thrilled to have behind me. Happy spring break from Belgium!!! Check out my look details below!

|Top: Target|Black Jeans: Jessica Simpson from Von Maur|High-top Sneakers: Chuck Taylor All Star Converse|Silver Sunglasses: H&M|Silver Watch: Michael Kors|Silver Ring: David Yurman|Silver Stud Earrings: H&M|



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