My Top Five Favorite Fashion Influencers

Vest: TJ Maxx ~  Black Shirt: Target ~ Black Slacks: Express ~ Red Booties: Target ~ Belt: Tory Burch ~ Handbag: Louis Vuitton ~ Earrings: Kendra Scott ~ Watch: Michael Kors ~ Cuffs: David Yurman ~ Bangles: Alex & Ani ~

Emily Gemma (emilyanngemma)

  • In my opinion, I feel her style is most similar to mine 
  • Knows how to A-C-C-E-S-S-O-R-I-Z-E, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT
  • Very unique hairstyles for all occasions
  • One of my favorite hair buns I learned how to do was from her blog and I wear my hair like that AT LEAST once a week~ It’s super easy, but also acceptable for all occasions
  • Her and her husband have the cutest baby boy and they are currently in the middle of building a new house 
    • I love watching her updates via video and getting ideas from her~ The color scheme involves a lot of black, white, and gold with a marble theme (The master bath in their current house is GOALS)
  • Has helpful travel tips and great plane attire


Olivia Rink (oliviarink)

  • The first blogger I ever followed
  • Cheered at the University of Kentucky and I believe that was how I first came across her profile
  • It’s been such a fun journey watching how her blog has progressed over the years
  • Picture quality is AMAZING, her photographer deserves a standing ovation!!!!!
  • One of the most unique bloggers I follow and is always showing off all the new trends in very posh locations
  • Incorporates all colors into her feed
  • Just recently moved from Chicago to NYC
  • Posts the cutest videos of her and her Nana
  • She recently just traveled around Europe and shared wonderful content
  • Very petite and she writes on her blog about how she struggled to find cute clothes that fit right growing up, so she started her blog to start sharing her good finds.


Maria Vizuete (miamiamine)

  • Love her looks! #GirlBoss
  • Into a lot of layered outfits with pops of color, especially RED!
  • Her handbag collection is to die for and I like how she stays consistent with her style throughout her entire blog
  • Pairs a lot of chic basics with beautiful prints such as Burberry
  • Pictures are flawless and she keeps a very clean look throughout her Instagram feed
  • Has two precious pups that she has with her in her some of her pics


Emily Herron (champagneandchanel)

  • One of the first bloggers I ever followed
  • Love her username, I mean who doesn’t love a glass of champagne and some Chanel???
  • Emily and her good blogger friend, Dede Raad (who I write about below) post a lot of fun looks together, so highly suggest following the both of them
  • Shares many videos on skincare, which I think is a very important practice to keep up with each year as we get older
  • Home decor is also chic and feminine which you can see in many of her posts


Dede Raad (dressupbuttercup)

  • Fashion and travel covered at its best!
  • Glam Glam Glam, she shares a lot of casual outfits, but also has great looks for more dressy and elegant events
  • Adore how she puts outfits together, her accessories are on POINT #GucciGang
  • Great travel posts with good poses for capturing the scenery and your travel buddies in one photo
  • Bright colors galore


I hope you enjoyed! Have a fabulous and safe weekend!

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